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Members, Vice Presidents & friends of Royston Hockey Club.

Royston Hockey club has been running a 100 club for well over 10 years now and has been gradually growing each year and I am proud to have been managing this now for over three years.

The RHC 100 club is a way that you a member or a member of your family or a friend can invest in our club and still have a chance to win money back each month. Buying a number that costs £12, so £1 per month. You are then entered into a draw to win monthly cash prizes of £25 & £10. In addition twice a year we draw £100 at the Annual awards dinner & Christmas.

My challenge is to take the 100 club forward by growing it and bringing it into line with the rest of the club and try to become cashless. It has grown now to 135 members each paying £1 per month we now have the majority paying by standing order. Something those of you who are playing will now be getting used to.

My challenge is to get membership up to 150, if we can achieve this then we can add another £100 draw at the AGM.

During the season after a hectic day of umpiring you will find me in the Golf Club at 5pm and most Saturdays during the summer, I will endeavour to conduct the monthly draws a month in arrears on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Meanwhile, it goes without saying, “If you ain’t in it, you cant win it” buy a 100 club number.

To join the RHC 100 Club please talk to me or email

Colin Smith
Royston Hockey Club