Dolphin Racing this Friday!

Dolphin Racing this Friday!

By Toby Hall
7 October
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Dolphin Racing is back by popular demand.

Royston Golf Club and Royston Hockey Club are proud to host Royston Golf Club’s first ever ‘Dolphin Racing Night’

Friday 11th October

First race starts at 1930 so please get there early to place your bets…

If you can attend, please navigate to: and click attending near the top!

Dolphin Race Night Explained…..

Names of volunteer jockeys or ‘Hoomans’ are placed into a hat of everyone attending (please mention if you are physically unable to join in with the race, so your name does not go in the hat) ‘Hoomans’ names are picked out of a hat for each race and take their chair. Jockeys will not be announced until after ‘the tote’ is shut. You can place bets on the dolphins via ‘the tote’

There are 6 Wooden Dolphins handled by Hoooman Handlers

There are 6 race tracks

10 Races

The Hoomans have to sit on a chair at the end of the track with their back facing the race track.

Then place their hands behind their legs and hold the bar which holds the string/rope attached to the Dolphin. When the whistle goes, the Hoomans must twist the wooden bar (Twist not pull)…..Cheering for your Dolphin commences.

Plenty of opportunity to bet and plenty of opportunity to win!

For the last race all the dolphins auctioned and the winning owner will receive a percentage of the total auction income.

Plus there will be a special prize for the winning jockey provided by the Golf and Hockey clubs.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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