2017/18 Subscription

Finances are a key issue in any club, and Royston Hockey is fortunate to be in a very sound financial position. Your Club Treasurer this year is Sarah Gourd.

Below are the Fees for the 2017/18 season to cover subs, training, match fees, insurance etc. 

Please set up standing orders to start on  1st AUGUST 2017 and monthly thereafter

Adult - £35 per month

Unemployed/student - £21 per month

Under 18’s - £18 per month

Mixed Hockey/Summer League - £6.00 – payment per match – remains a cash based game.

Friends of RHC - £25 one off payment 1st AUGUST 2017 (for those just training, voting and insurance)

Goal Keepers £0.00 but must maintain their kit to playing standard.

Please make payments to the following account:

Name: Royston Hockey Club

Sort Code: 40-39-22

Account: 51204866

Please clearly state the players full name in the text field and set up one payment for each playing member so we can track payments.

By setting up the standing order you accept the following club rules :-

By joining Royston Hockey Club (RHC) I agree to abide by its codes of conduct and by its policies for the safeguarding of young
people involved with the club. These codes and policies will be reviewed annually and published on the club website or can be
requested via email. It is the responsibility of club members to familiarise themselves with these documents at the start of each
season. I provide RHC permission to use photographs of me for publicity purposes. I also agree to the above information being
stored centrally and only distributed for hockey purposes unless I have notified the committee in writing to the contrary.
I accept that the RHC has the right to refuse or withdraw membership at any time. I agree to respect social media on all platforms
and understand RHC can terminate my membership if I post anything deemed detrimental or inappropriate by the committee.

Junior Subscriptions 2017/18: 

U13 (as of 1/9/17) - £75 one off payment including white RHC polo shirt    

U18 (as of 1/9/17) - not currently playing regularly for senior teams - £75 one off payment with a £5 match fee for each senior game played

The above fees will be requested via a Paypal Invoice emailed on receipt of registration form.

U18 (as of 1/9/17) already playing regularly for senior teams will be required to set up a standing order for £18 per month (for 12 months)  
to cover subs, training, match fees, insurance etc. 
Please see bank details above.


Club Kit Colours

Men - Black shirts with white/red collars & cuffs, black shorts, black socks. Please buy a shirt from the club shop
Ladies - Black shirts with white/red collars & cuffs, black skorts, black socks. Please buy a shirt from the club shop