Royston Veterans

Royston Veterans Hockey
Old and slow, but still play a mean game....

Royston Men's section have not run a Vets team for a few years now after a very successful few years in the Vets cup, playing several friendly games throughout the year against local rivals. The summer games used to produce some mixed results, but a great time was had by all, especially in the pub afterwards.

   The 'Team of 2008' of which MOST are still playing if not umpiring.
- back row - Ian Harper, Colin Bateman, Peter Belcher, Robert Biddlecombe, Andy Wilson, Clive Biddlecombe, Stephen Gourd
- front row - Tim Yow, Neil Drage, Steve Welding, Nick Broadley, Paul Visagie, Nigel Gadsby

                      Royston Hockey Veterans - Sponsored by Johnson Matthey Royston

Regular Vets Games

If there are any regional Clubs out there who would like a fixture against the Royston Vets during the summer, please contact " to make arrangements.

The Vets in action in a game against Letchworth Vets.

              Simon caught in possession......again!               Paul and Simon link up down the right

              Pete drops a pass down the wing               Bradders comes in for a quick pass from Paul